Earthy Elegance: Wood Accents On The Table

If you have the flexibility to choose or modify your table, consider selecting one with a wooden tabletop. This can be a solid wood table or one with a wood veneer.

Wooden Tabletop

Add wood texture with placemats or a table runner. It can add a natural touch without overpowering the table.

Wood Placemats

Use a wooden bowl, tray, or both to make a centerpiece. Use pinecones, wooden beads, or fresh flowers to make it look natural and inviting.

Wooden Centerpiece

Incorporate wooden candle holders or votives. These can add a cozy ambiance to the table, especially during evening gatherings.

Wooden Candle Holders

Place wooden coasters under glasses or cups to protect the table surface while adding a small touch of wood.

Wooden Coasters

Use wooden charger plates as a base for your dinnerware. This not only adds a layer of texture but also frames the plates beautifully.

Wooden Charger Plates

When serving appetizers or cheese, use wooden serving boards. They not only serve a practical purpose but also add an organic and rustic feel.

Wooden Serving Boards

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