Workout of the Day

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DE Bench

stacia al-mahoe bench press

Warm Up

  • 5×20 band pull apart
  • 5×12 dumbell shoulder press


  • Bench press: 12×3 @ 50%
  • Dumbell incline bench press: 3×12
  • Lat pulldown: 5×10
  • (MC) Hammer curls: until jacked
  • Cable Tricep extension: until tan


ME Squat

zahir squat world record

Warm Up

  • 5×20 band goodmorning
  • 100m sled pull


  • Squat: Box Squat Max 3 (work up to one set of 3 reps with the most weight possible)
  • Stiff leg deadlift: 3×12
  • Kettlebell front squat: 5×15
  • Cable ab crunch: 5×12
  • Hamstring curls: until you walk funny
  • Calf raises: until you get complimented on your calves


ME Bench

reebok record breakers

Warm Up

  • 5×20 face pulls
  • 5×20 Sling Shot pushups


  • Bench press: Close grip 3×3
  • Bench press: Close grip 3xAMRAP @ 60% of 3×3 weight
  • Dumbell row: 5×12
  • Face pull: 3×20
  • (MC) Hammer curls: until jacked


DE Deadlift


Warm Up

  • 3×12 Dumbell step-up
  • 3×15 Stiff leg deadlift


  • Deadlift: 10×3@50%
  • Deadlift 5×3@60%
  • Kettlebell swings: 5×20
  • Kettlebell front squat: 5×15
  • Plank: 5×30 seconds

DE=Dynamic Effort

Move quickly and forcefully while focusing on perfecting your form. Rest briefly, 1-2 minutes.

ME=Maximum Effort

Fight against heavier weights to build more strength and muscle. Rest as needed, 3-5 minutes.

AMRAP=As Many Reps As Possible

Get lots of work done in a short amount of time (but keep it safe and stop when your form starts to suffer)

  • All set and rep prescriptions are to be interpreted as “Sets x Reps”
  • Exercises without a set and rep range are optional
  • Weights, when prescribed, are taken as a percentage of your one-rep max. When not prescribed, assume that you should be using as much as possible while still being able to complete the workout with good form. For example: You can bench press 2oo pounds for one rep, and the workout calls for 80%. This means your work set weight for the day is 160 pounds.
  • We also sometimes prescribe weights as a percentage of whatever your working weight was for your top sets of the day. For example: You work up to 280 pounds for a 3×3 squat set. The workout then calls for 3×12 squats @ 60% of your 3×3 working weight. This means you will use 170 pounds for the 3×12.

Let Us Help You

The WOD’s here are intended to let you try our training style out for yourself. However, you may find that they sometimes call for a special piece of equipment that you don’t have, or you may have different goals or time constraints than the workouts here may support. We’re experienced with all kinds of lifestyle considerations and training goals and we’d love to help you get started on whatever yours might be!