The PowerWod Coaches

Jesse Burdick

Jesse Burdick is the Head Coach at PowerWod, and has spent nearly two decades training and training with some of the best athletes on the planet. A former NCAA baseball player and Certified Manual Therapist, Jesse’s quest for diverse and extensive knowledge in both athletic training and life has led him to sharing some of the most respected company in the industry.

Jesse eventually left baseball to pursue powerlifting to the fullest extent, ending up at the American mecca of the sport, Westside Barbell. There, he trained under some of the greatest athletes in the sport’s history, such as Chuck Vogelpohl and Paul Childress. Jesse has squatted 909 pounds, bench pressed 601 pounds, and deadlifted 820 pounds in competition, and holds an elite status in 5 consecutive weight classes—a feat accomplished by very few lifters.

After pushing his body to the absolute limits in equipped powerlifting, Jesse developed a more holistic approach and started focusing on raw training with an emphasis on quality of movement. He developed a unique blend of the conjugate method that he mastered at Westside and adapted its frequency and intensity to the recovery needs of the raw lifter. He also further enhanced his understanding of human movement and recovery techniques under Dr. Kelly Starrett, one of the most sought-after physical therapists in the athletic field.

Jesse’s long history of hard work and study speaks for itself—he has helped produce a long list of successful athletes from the NFL, MLB, NCAA, Navy Seals, UFC, Lion Fight, Bellator, and Reebok Crossfit Games. He extends the same passion in sharing his experience with his professional clients as he does with his recreational ones, and wants to see those around him succeed in life just as much as in the gym. Jesse is a father to two girls that mean the world to him, and husband to Crossfit Games competitor Katie Hogan.

Kegan Dillon

Kegan Dillon is an experienced strength athlete and coach who grew up playing baseball and basketball, and has competed in a variety of strength sports including highland games, Crossfit, and powerlifting.

Kegan was deployed in the 82nd Airborne shortly after graduating from Springfield College in Massachusetts with a degree in Business Management. He played rugby and basketball throughout college.

After four years on deployment, Kegan’s military career came to an abrupt end due to internal injuries suffered during a training exercise that resulted in nerve damage in his right leg and which he spent the following year extensively rehabilitating. After making a full recovery, he decided to try Crossfit in an effort to get back in shape.

Kegan quickly discovered that his large frame was not well suited to such dynamic and endurance-heavy workouts, and refocused his training efforts on highland games and, most recently, powerlifting. Throughout this transformational process in Kegan’s training career, he moved across the country and trained with the best coaches he could find, absorbing all of the knowledge that he could from each of them. His most recent lifting accomplishment is a 500 pound bench press.

Kegan’s ability to clearly and creatively convey and implement the training knowledge he has gleaned from his mentors has earned him the opportunity to train high-level Crossfit Games and Regional competitors. While he finds any opportunity to help an individual reach their goals rewarding, he perhaps most prides himself on being able to do so with aspiring youth athletes. He believes that the clients he works with are to be treated and respected as individual human beings, and not faceless numbers in an accounting ledger.

Tiffany Leung

Tiffany Leung, also known as “Tiny Tiff,” may be petite, but her squat certainly isn’t—in fact, it’s an all-time world record of 292 pounds in the 97 pound bodyweight class. That’s 3 times her bodyweight.

Tiff’s success as a lifter is no accident or streak of luck—her work ethic is as big as the weights she puts up on the competition platform, and when she’s not putting in hours on her own training, she’s putting in more hours helping her all-women’s classes achieve fitness goals they previously thought were impossible.

A college soccer player at San Jose State University who originally started powerlifting as part of her soccer program, Tiff fell in love with powerlifting and transferred to the SJSU powerlifting team, where she trained with coach Zach Trahan.

Training with Zach was instrumental in laying the foundation for Tiffany’s powerlifting knowledge and success, but after a few competitions under her belt, she knew that she wanted to take her training to the next level and chase world records. She started training with our very own Jesse Burdick and has been on a steady stream of domination in the 97 pound weight class ever since.

Tiff is at her best when she can put her knowledge and experience as a lifter and athlete to work for her clients and help them find their own passions within fitness. The best workout is the one you’ll do—Tiff knows this, and wants to help you find the exercises and workouts that both help you reach your goals and make your training fun!